Nurses help others

Most nurses will tell you they began nursing to help others. The California Nurses Association (CNA) asserts that nurses understand that to heal patients, we must improve the gross inequality and injustice in our society. Florence Nightingale would certainly approve of this position. I agree with it completely. The work of nursing is based on service to others, advocacy, social justice, and ethics. Along the way, we observe inequities, injustice, poor quality, and unethical behaviors.  Nurses are called to know and understand the significance of social determinants of health (SDOH). High incidence of hypertension (HTN) and the comorbidities that accompany the disease are related to the social determinants of health. Nurses recognize they have a vital role to play in acting to change the social, economic and political conditions that sustain health inequities. Nurses work to ensure that we provide care with empathy, compassion to clients and communities where we live and work.
I have found that nursing involves more than completion of specific nursing tasks, duties, and procedures. RN’s work to analyze, synthesize and translate evidence-based (EBP) information into practice to improve care processes and patient outcomes. Transformational leaders will lead and champion these new ideas, and innovations in an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial manner at the bedside.

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